'O Night', a found poem

Some poetry fun for Christmas eve, eve…

Whenever I was frustrated writing my MA portfolio, I would revert to simple creative writing exercises to break-the-rage and rewire my brain.

Found poetry can be a simple, pleasing way to write something original using words, phrases or passages that already exist. Sort of like a word collage. It acts as a prompt, a puzzle that you piece together however you like.

There’s a sense of satisfaction in removing words and sentences and reframing phrases to create something new.

Less is often more — or is it? You get to decide.

In the spirit of my new cover song, ‘O Holy Night’, I’ve written a found poem inspired by the English lyric we know so well.

O night

stars birth the soul 

a new night

   led by light 
the Wise friend 
no stranger

within us 

a new  night, 

O night

Kat Healy, Dec 2022 (Inspired by ‘O Holy Night’, John Sullivan Dwight 1855)

Dark Moon

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I’ve created a new fine art print to celebrate the release of ‘O Holy Night’. It’s called ‘Dark Moon’ after the Winter Solstice, 21st Dec 2022.

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For those who love to doodle and paint

Have a go at this festive wreath in watercolour. Painted in a fast and loose style, it’s ideal for beginners. Remember, don’t get fixated on details — just have fun!

Watercolour Festive Wreath by Kat Healy, Dec 2022

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