Fault Lines

‘Kat Healy’ / Photo by Jannica Honey

There are fault planes buried within us. Active, waiting to shift.

Sometimes, a rupture is so seismic it razes us. All we can do is fight to rebuild and steady ourselves through the aftershocks.

It’s twenty years since you’ve been gone.

Half my life.

Every fault line scratched on my skin is a reminder.

1. Mum on her Honeymoon, 1977, 2. Ailsa Road, 1977, 3. Austria, 1983

This month, I’m releasing a series of short extracts, reflections and poems from my first poetry pamphlet, ‘Ripening’, due in 2024. The pamphlet will be accompanied by original artwork and songs.

As an indie artist, I’ll be self-publishing. If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to my Substack to support my work.

Thanks, Kat x

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