Ripening 🍓

‘Dream Angus’, performed by Kat Healy and Thilo Pfander / © Kat Healy 2023

List' to the curlew cryin', Faintly the echos dyin', Even the birdies and the beasties are sleepin', But my bonny bairn is weepin' weepin'

~ Dream Angus

© Kat Healy 2023 / Kat at the Baltic Sea, Germany, ‘80s

In the end
It will not matter
That I was a woman. I am sure of it.
The body is a source. Nothing more.
There is a time for it. There is a certainty
About the way it seeks its own dissolution.
Consider rivers.
They are always en route to
Their own nothingness. From the first moment
They are going home. 

~ (from 'Anna Liffey', by Eavan Boland, 1991)
 Source: A Poets Dublin

Ripening 🍓

This month, I’m releasing a series of short extracts and reflections from my first poetry pamphlet, ‘Ripening’, due in 2024. The pamphlet will be accompanied by original artwork and songs.

As an indie artist, I’m self-publishing my pamphlet. If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to support my work.

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